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Smut-inspiration for People who like challenges

Drank them both Up

The Lime in the Coconut
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Hello and Welcome to Lemon Aftertaste. This community is essentially like a themed challenge community for writing fics and drabbles. It's low-pressure and friendly and all fandoms are invited. Yaoi, Yuri and Het are welcomed and encouraged.

((Neither homophobia nor heterophobia will be tolerated!))

And even if you're not interested in actually participating, join just to see the wonderful madness that occurs.

How things go down

*Once interested, go and request a pairing.

* Request one here!

*Please list the Fandom and the pairing you're interested. In the subject line, type in Boom baby, A Request, to make things easier lol, and so I'll know that you've read this.

* Collaborations are fine and dandy, but no more than 2 people working toegther for one pairing, please. ^^

* Each person/Collaboration can have no more than 2 pairings. Thanks.

*((If you really really really want to do a threesome, then sure ^^, go and request one.))

*The take a look at the challenges. Write whatever each challenge inspires you. For your pairing, every one must be met, but there is no real set writing length. A 500 word drabble for number 15 and then a fic for number 2 is all groovy. ^^
With the challenges, you don't necessarily have to write either, fanarts are also welcomed and greatly encouraged. Everything is up to you. Be creative, be a creature.

And as far as what is done for each challenge, it doesn't HAVE to be a smutty lemon fic. Though, I'm sure very few people would complain about oh-so-much smut. ^^. If you rather not have explicit smut, then don't worry about putting in explicit smut. Though there are ways achieve both, subtle details, things being implied etc. But really, just write from what inspires you and if some of them aren't smutty lemons, don't really worry about it.

((But smut is love! ^^))

And the challenges don't have to be done in order, go with whatever strike you whenever, however...

* Please try to contribute something atleast one a month.

* Please post in this format:
Challenge #
quote from writing or a description
[lj-cut] [/lj-cut]

If you have any questions, feel free to email me, your friendly moderator, maiahaha! I'm a very agreeable person, promise! ^^

The Challenges

(1) contempt and aftertaste

(2) hello is such a thin word

(3) the kind of cat you just can't pick up

(4) the answer to each moment is yes and the question: can you live with that?

(5) I'm choosing my confessions

(6) so just kiss me and let my hair messy itself in your fingers

(7) I can still fall in love with you

(8) the one I love I should destroy

(9) you'll never be more than alive

(10) smiles to suit the circumstances

(11) take the plan and spin it sideways

(12) let these swift roads destroy themselves

(13) simple, like flipping a coin

(14) you're the one that froze the sun

(15) can you feel the way I've grown and disconnected?

(16) no apology cause my urge is genuine

(17) I think I use to belong here

(18) so strong thy magic or so weak am I?

(19) you are not an answer and I am not this prayer

(20) I only want to see the light behind your eyes

(21) like something brittle

(22) love is like a punishment

(23) pretty-boy front man

(24) I wanna die, I wanna live you

(25) when will you be worthy of your good side?

(26) I'm riddled by you

(27) I want to hold you like nothing is going to stop us

(28) step inside this place and own me

(29) my bones call to you

(30) I could taste you even then

(31) I would chase you down the wind

(32) somewhere sometime all things will be fine.

(33) paint your perfect day

(34) breathe and bathe me, just be and save me

(35) you caught the light again in that perfect way

(36) steal some covers, share some skin

(37) come and rest your bones with me

(38) thought that maybe I'd really love being alone

(39) making eyes all by myself

(40) my phone's on vibrate for you

(41) how I feel like a beautiful child

(42) you broke me bodily

(43) "You and me" I sang looking at the cemetary

(44) we give eachother all we know

(45) we are left standing to face what is left of concrete and honey


Claimed Couples
Bakuten Shoot! Beyblade
Kai Hiwatari x Rei Kon --> roppie_rei

Blake's 7
Blake x Avon --> shimere277

Abarai Renji x Inoue Orihime --> firecandy89
Arisawa Tatsuki x Inoue Orihime --> iapetusneume
Kurosaki Ichigo x Zangetsu --> mobsters
Ulquiorra x Grimmjow Jagger Jack --> keikain

Daisuke Motomiya x Takeru Takaishi --> nerveless

Hiwatari Satoshi x Niwa Daisuke --> w175n57

Kenji x Sophia --> dimmie

Final Fantasy
Squall x Zell --> harmonies
Cloud x Tifa --> keigojin

From Eroica With Love
Major Klaus Heinz von dem Eberbach x Dorian Red, Earl of Gloria --> briarwolf

Fruits Basket
Sohma Yuki x Sohma Kyou --> elsewherecw

Fullmetal Alchemist
Roy Mustang x Edward Elric --> moonygirl
Jean Havoc x Roy Mustang --> maiahaha
Roy Mustang x Maes Hughes --> nefertari_nz
Roy Mustang x Riza Hawkeye --> billyxcoen
Roy Mustang x Edward Elric x Alphose Elric --> icedark_elf
Edward Elric x Alphonse Elric --> hagane_no
Winry Rockbell x Edward Elric --> subtle_dusk
Russel Tringham x Fletcher Tringham --> maiahaha
Roy Mustang x Sheska --> lycan1981
Roy Mustang x Edward Elric x Maes Hughes --> kumiko_kun

Eiri Yuki x Shuichi Shindou --> nefertari_nz
Suguru Fujisaki x Hiro Nakano --> suguru_san

Gundam Wing
Trowa Barton x Quatre Raberba Winner x Chang Wufei --> windsorblue
Relena Peacecraft x Heero Yuy --> casper_san

Harry Potter
Blaise Zabini x Draco Malfoy --> flowersandfangs
Draco Malfoy x Harry Potter --> mildlyironic

Hikaru no Go
Shindou Hikaru x Touya Akira --> vituperatist

Howl's Moving Castle
Howl x Sophie --> hi_mi_tsu

Higurashi Kagome x Kikyou --> elsewherecw
Kagome x Inuyasha --> subtle_dusk

Marmalade Boy
Ginta Suoh x Arimi Suzuki --> dropsofgleam

Uchiha Itachi x Uzumaki Naruto --> prada_g
Uchiha Itachi x Uchiha Sasuke --> fleetingly
Temari x Kankuro --> flowersandfangs
Uzumaki Naruto x Haruno Sakura x Uchiha Sasuke --> mobsters
Uchiha Sasuke x Uzumaki Naruto --> azamaria_chan
Hatake Kakashi x Umino Iruka --> chibirisuchan
Uchiha Sasuke x Gaara of the Desert --> spork_ai
Uzumaki Naruto x Sai -->admiral_yen
Uchiha Sasuke x Uzumaki Naruto x Sai --> tsuzukinoai

Peacemaker Kurogane
Ichimura Tetsunosuke x Kitamura Suzu --> mahonoryuketsu
Todo Heisuke x Nagakura Shinpachi --> mahonoryuketsu

Prince of Tennis
Yaguu x Niou --> featherfire
Oshitari Yuushi x Mukahi Gakuto --> dimmie
Kunimitsu Tezuka x Syuusuke Fuji --> dropsofgleam
Atobe Keigo x Fuji Syuusuke --> sarinthesky
Sanada Genichirou x Atobe Keigo --> akakurogin
Kunimitsu Tezuka x Fuji Syuusuke x Atobe Keigo --> ziphertis

Son Goku x Genjo Sanzo --> iapetusneume
Kougaiji x Yaone --> illianaka
Genjyo Sanzo x Cho Hakkai --> w175n57
Sha Gojyo x Genjyo Sanzo --> desdemona_marx

Samurai Champloo
Jin x Mugen --> shina_amalgam
Mugen x Fuu --> shina_amalgam

Shaman King
Asakura Yoh x Tao Ren --> fleetingly

Suikoden IV
Flare x Troy --> keigojin

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
Kurogane x Fai --> ekas

Sumeragi Subaru x Sakurazukamori Seishirou --> jugglesgeese

Jin Uzuki x chaos --> billyxcoen

Logan (Wolverine) x Marie (Rogue) [movieverse] --> elune
Beast (Hank McCoy) x Iceman (Bobby Drake) x Jubilee (Jubilation Lee) [comicverse] --> elune

Benji Madden/Jacob Hoggard --> sidnihoudini