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Sun, Oct. 7th, 2007, 08:37 pm

No one approved my request, but since the last half-dozen requests hadn't been approved either I'm not sure if anyone'll actually mind me posting.

Title: Evening Scene of Duodecimals 1/?
Author: Tou-chan
Fandom: Battle Royale II: Requiem
Pairing: Kurosawa/Jo
Challenge # 3: The kind of cat you just can’t pick up.
Length: 1040
Disclaimer: I don’t own BR2, but no one likes it anyways, so I doubt anyone’ll mind.
Rating: PG13 (mild swearing and violence...no lemony stuff yet)

They sat in silence together at the back of the classroom, not speaking with their classmates or even each other. They didn’t even acknowledge the other recent transfer students, the ones who were also involved in the same incident and, coincidentally, got sent to this horrible school. Naoki stared at his textbook, attempting to follow along, while Ryo stared out the window, attempting to ignore the world. Neither of them answered questions when asked, although their instructor did his best to avoid calling upon them. He knew the situation, everyone in the class did, and the only one who had attempted to befriend them ended up with a black eye and a split lip. Ryo didn’t take kindly to pity.

It had barely been a week since they arrived. They had been greeted at the train station by the principal of their new boarding school, who wasn’t exactly happy about having two wards of the state under his school’s care for the next year and a half. For the entire ride to the school he lectured them about respecting the rules and doing their work because it was, according to him, what their parents would have wanted them to do. The only thing that kept Ryo from planting a fist in the man’s nose was the fact that this was the person who would be running their lives completely until they no longer had to attend school. If they pissed him off right at the beginning, their lives would be even more miserable than they already were. The worst Ryo allowed himself to do was drop use of all honorifics when speaking to the older man, talking down to him instead of being even remotely polite.

In the end they turned out to be assigned roommates. Apparently the principal hadn’t bothered to contact their old school for the rather extensive file on their relationship, or, rather, extensive file on Ryo’s violent behavior towards his classmates, Naoki in particular. Or maybe the school just thought that because they had gone through the same, horrible incident that they’d be friends suddenly. Well, they were kind of right. At very least Ryo was no longer taking out his anger on his roommate. They didn’t really speak to each other beyond telling the other that they were going to go to sleep and to please be quiet. Not that either of them were very loud in the first place.

Over the first few days Naoki did his best to observe the school’s dress code before realizing that he was the only person in the building to do so. Majority of the guys wore t-shirts and black pants that vaguely resembled the trousers dictated for their uniform. The most notable dress code violation was a guy who seemed to have a deep love for Hawaiian shirts, which he had been wearing every day since Naoki and Ryo transferred into the class. Even with all of the blatant disregard for the code, all of the boys still wore the gakuran jacket. Well, all of them except Ryo who had refused to wear anything except for his old, worn out leather jacket, even at his previous school. It was the same jacket worn by all of Ryo’s followers back in Tokyo and Naoki associated it with some rather unpleasant and painful memories.

Naoki followed in Ryo’s wake as he walked quickly out of the classroom, both of them exuding an aura that made it seem as if anyone who approached them would die a sudden, and violent death. Which was probably the truth, at least from Ryo’s perspective. Neither of them wanted much to do with this school or anyone in it. They just wanted to be back in Tokyo, back with their friends and family, but that was impossible. How could they go back there when their families were dead and their school was somewhere underneath a smoldering pile of rubble? It just wasn’t fair.

“Hey,” A loud, gruff, yet distinctly female voice called out behind them. “Ya new bastards think you’re so tough, ne?”

Both of the new transfers stopped walking, Naoki steeled himself for the worst and glanced over his shoulder while Ryo visibly tensed in front of him, but continued to face down the hallway. It was the wild tempered ganguro girl, Kazumi, from their class, but they should have expected it from that voice. Apparently she was the leader of a group of rather rowdy and unpleasant delinquent girls at the school, or at least that was what Naoki had picked up through eaves dropping on conversations during class and meals.

“What? Because we don’t want to talk to backwater hicks like you?” Naoki scoffed. His temper had frayed a great deal in the past several weeks. Although he was still a diligent student, being in a new school surrounded by a bunch of idiots who wouldn’t know a brilliant piece of writing if someone smacked them in the face with it set him edge. Aside from Ryo he wasn’t used to idiots, and even then the former gang leader was much more intelligent than he let on during classes.

Kazumi was, for once, at a loss for words. She stood in stunned silence, staring at Naoki as if he had two heads before taking the few steps forward needed to slap him hard across the face.

“Do you know who you’re talking to?” She shrieked in outright rage, her various bangles chiming and clanking along with her.

“No, and I honestly don’t give a damn.”

The bleach-blonde girl shook with rage and moved her hand to smack him once again. Her blow was cut short, though, as Ryo caught her arm.

“He might be nicer than I am, but I will hit a girl if she deserves it.” Ryo’s voice was dangerously low and his eyes were narrowed. With every word he squeezed a little harder on her wrist, causing her various bracelets to bite viciously into her arm. “And you are extremely close to deserving it. Now go off and play with your little friends before I get really angry.”

He released her wrist, turned back down the hallway and walked out the front door with Naoki close behind him.