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Fri, Jan. 25th, 2008, 04:05 am
nerveless: Oral Fixation (Digimon, Daikeru, #30 I could taste you even then)

Title: Oral Fixation
Author: Nine
Fandom: Digimon
Pairing: Daikeru (Daisuke/Takeru)
Challenge: (30) I could taste you even then
Length: 1,578 words
Disclaimer: I don’t own Digimon or any of the characters used in this story.
Rating: NC-17 (for a great example of said oral fixation)

With your cherry lips and golden curls
you could make grown men gasp
when you'd go walking past them
~ Garbage; “Cherry Lips”

When Takeru was young, his mother used to chastise him for chewing on random objects.

As a toddler, he chewed his pacifier and his plastic toys. Later, he began chewing pens and pencils in grade school. As he began attending middle school, he developed a habit of drinking everything with massive amounts of ice so that he could eat the ice cubes after the drink was gone.

When his mother went to a dentist to ask whether his obsession with chewing on things would permanently damage his teeth, he mentioned that Takeru most likely had an oral fixation.

Takeru had never heard the term before. Thinking about it now, however, made him believe the dentist had definitely been right.

He stared at Daisuke as the redhead sat against the closet door, reading a large Biology textbook and muttering to himself as he read out loud. His eyes kept falling to where Daisuke’s legs were splayed out in front of him, fixed on where his shirt had ridden up to expose his lower stomach and where the waistband of his boxers was peeking out of his pants.

Takeru couldn’t stop himself from thinking about how easy it would be to remove those pants, slide his boxers down, push his shirt up, and put his mouth to work on something other than reciting the poem he was supposed to be memorizing for a literature class.

He shoved his literature book away, slouching and trailing his hand down his chest as he continued to stare at Daisuke’s crotch from across the room, envisioning himself exposing inch after inch of Daisuke’s skin. He saw himself bending over the other boy’s body, and he could almost feel the texture of his soft skin beneath his tongue.

His breath quickened as he reached down in between his legs to press his palm into his crotch at a particularly clear vision of him pulling the skin of Daisuke’s thigh into his mouth with his teeth. Oblivious to the boy fantasizing and touching himself on the bed, Daisuke turned a page in his textbook and began murmuring the words at the top of the next one. He absentmindedly reached a hand up to scratch at his toned stomach. The action caused his shirt to ride up even farther, and Takeru’s mind caved in on itself with a tiny moan.

Unable to hold himself back any longer, he crawled forward off of the bed and across the carpet to the closet. Daisuke’s eyes flickered upward for the briefest second as he heard the bed creak, but then settled back on the page in front of him, figuring Takeru was just going to grab something from somewhere in the room and go back to the bed.

Takeru crawled up until he was in between Daisuke’s legs, leaning down to lick his bare ankle. Daisuke jumped slightly and yanked the Biology textbook out of the way, staring at where Takeru was sucking on the opposite ankle.

“Take, what are you doing?” he asked, surprised but not objecting.

“Tasting you,” Takeru replied, his voice slowly dipping into the husky register it usually dropped to when he was turned on.

Daisuke shut his book and laid it as far away as his arm could reach without moving his body, still staring at where the blonde was working his way up his leg. He tried to continue breathing evenly when Takeru reached up to curl his fingers under the waistband of his boxers. He hooked them there, pulling himself up the body beneath him and kissing the redhead’s lips.

Takeru moaned softly as his mouth was filled with Daisuke’s tongue. Every nerve in his lips and his mouth sent an electric signal of pleasure to his brain. He wondered if Daisuke knew just how much his kisses affected him. His lips were unbelievably soft as they rubbed against Takeru’s.

He sighed when Daisuke pulled back to lower his mouth to his neck. Daisuke sucked at the junction between his neck and his shoulder, smiling against his skin when he heard a hiss escape from Takeru’s lips. He trailed small kisses over his throat, sucking on the Adam’s apple and licking the skin just under his chin as Takeru’s head fell back.

He grabbed Takeru’s thighs and pulled them forward so that Takeru was straddling his waist. While he continued to cover the blonde’s throat and shoulders with sucking kisses, he thrust his hips slowly upwards and pulled Takeru’s body down against him simultaneously. A shiver raced up Takeru’s spine when he heard the low rumble of a growl in the back of Daisuke’s throat at the friction his thrusts were causing.

Takeru slid his hands up from where they were still hooked into Daisuke’s boxers and gently pushed him back against the closet door, grinning the sexiest grin he could muster as he slid back and off of Daisuke’s waist. Daisuke growled again in a faint protest, his eyes bright with desire and frustration.

They darkened from copper to russet when Takeru deftly unbuttoned his pants and slid them off of his legs. He bent forward from the waist, allowing his ass to stick up in the air behind him as he slid his teeth under the waistband of Daisuke’s boxers and shut his mouth so he could pull them down. Daisuke glanced back and forth between the sight of his boyfriend’s ass curving down to his lower back and the sight of his boxers being removed without the use of Takeru’s hands.

He kept up the no-hands act as he tossed the boxers aside with his mouth and stared into Daisuke’s eyes while he slowly descended onto his crotch. Daisuke’s heart thudded in anticipation, skipping a beat when Takeru suddenly dropped his head below his erection, missing it completely. Before he could open his mouth to groan in disappointment, he felt a sudden wet pressure flick over the sensitive flesh of his balls. He inhaled sharply, eyes widening as Takeru continued to lick them, slowly maneuvering them into his mouth so he could suck.

“Holy shit,” Daisuke breathed in a tight, small voice, squeezing his eyes shut and struggling even harder to keep his pleasure at bay.

His toes curled involuntarily when Takeru sucked a little harder, massaging with his tongue and giving him one last lick as he pulled his head up and smiled widely.

“Did you like that?” he asked, searching Daisuke’s flushed face for approval.

“Yeah,” Daisuke murmured, swallowing around a lump in his throat. “Y-you should do that more often.”

Takeru grinned in satisfaction when he heard the small stutter in his normally boisterous, talkative boyfriend’s voice.

“It’s not over yet,” he reminded the redhead, lowering his head once again so that he could trail his tongue up the underside of Daisuke’s shaft.

Daisuke let his head fall back against the closet door, breathing shakily as Takeru dragged his torturously slow lick over the head of his dick. His eyelids fluttered when Takeru engulfed the head in his hot mouth and sucked.

“Oh, fuck,” Daisuke moaned softly, dropping his head to the side to rest on his shoulder.

Takeru pulled back to lick his right palm a few times, wrapping his hand around the base of Daisuke’s shaft so he could pump it while he sucked. He lowered his head once again and wrapped his lips around his dick just above his hand, moving his head in time with his strokes.

He let his strokes remain relatively slow, enjoying the blowjob nearly as much as Daisuke was. His dick felt so good in his mouth he couldn’t help but moan around it, causing Daisuke’s eyes to roll back in his head and his hands to tighten around their grip on Takeru’s shoulders.

This oral fixation was working wonders for both of them, Takeru thought, his mind hazy with pleasure. He rested on his elbows as he languorously sucked and licked all along Daisuke’s head and shaft, pumping a steady rhythm with his hand. After continuing with his teasing licks long enough to make Daisuke begin to growl and gently tug his hair with his fingers in an attempt to coax him into picking up the pace, Takeru gripped the shaft more firmly and set a new, faster pace with long, hard sucks.

Daisuke began moaning a little louder each time, so relieved that his pleasure was being pushed past its plateau that he began pressing his arms into the floor to thrust his hips slightly. Takeru allowed this small movement because it wasn’t uncomfortable and it was actually quite sexy to see the redhead getting so worked up. He felt the first small spasm of Daisuke’s orgasm against the walls of his mouth and slowed back down to a gentle suck, moaning loudly as he felt Daisuke coming against the roof of his mouth.

He pressed his hand tight against his crotch, squeezing his eyes shut until the last spasm overtook Daisuke’s body. He pulled his head up from Daisuke’s crotch and swallowed, licking his lips as he sat back and watched Daisuke’s eyes slowly open.

Daisuke laughed softly and reached up to ruffle Takeru’s hair.

“Is it your turn now?”

Takeru shook his head slightly, smiling. “I came at the same time you did.”

“You did?” Daisuke blinked in surprise.


“Was it good?”

Takeru leaned forward, resting his head against the other’s chest and letting his body sag against his.

He shut his eyes.


Fri, Jan. 25th, 2008 11:25 am (UTC)

wow, I have read all your daikeru story and I love them^^

Fri, Jan. 25th, 2008 11:22 pm (UTC)

Thanks for reading! :)