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Wed, Oct. 17th, 2007, 09:41 pm

Title: Moving In
Author: Nine
Fandom: Digimon
Pairing: Daikeru (Daisuke/Takeru)
Challenge: (36) steal some covers, share some skin
Length: 1,713 words
Disclaimer: I don’t own Digimon or any of the characters used in this story.
Rating: NC-17 (for smex)

Right here between your hips
This is where I want to live
It’s where all the love you give exists
~ Melissa Ferrick; “Drive”

Takeru huffed loudly as he dropped the last box onto the crowded living room floor. He stood and wiped his brow, staring around at all of the cardboard boxes full of his and Daisuke’s belongings. Daisuke walked through the door a short while later, swinging Takeru’s car keys around his index finger.

“That the last of them?”

“Yup, the car’s empty.”

He handed the keys over and Takeru tossed them onto the kitchen counter. Their apartment was a little small, but it was plenty big enough for the two of them.

“I guess we’re moved in, then.”

“Hell yeah, baby. Time to celebrate.”

“Let’s not have another party,” Takeru grinned, finally recovered from the hangover he had woken to that morning as his mother burst into his bedroom to shout excitedly about finishing the paperwork and moving.

“I was thinking more along the lines of breaking our new place in,” Daisuke said, moving close enough to wrap his arms around the blonde’s waist.

Takeru laughed and smiled at him. “You mean breaking the bed in.”

“Yeah, I do,” Daisuke confirmed, kissing him.

Takeru kissed back slowly, taking time to trace Daisuke’s face with his fingertips. Daisuke slid his fingers into Takeru’s thick blonde hair, gently tugging on the ends and bringing a soft flush to the surface of his pale skin as he touched his tongue to Takeru’s each time they kissed.

Takeru broke away from him, turning and sending a mischievous smile over his shoulder as he rushed to the bedroom.

“Lube’s in the black bag in the box labeled ‘Bathroom’,” he called from the hallway.

Daisuke turned around to search through the boxes as he slipped into the bedroom and sat heavily on the edge of the bed, bouncing a few times as he breathed heavily and gripped the sheets in his fingers. He was fairly certain that they were going to go all the way this time, and he hoped that everything went smoothly and some catastrophe wouldn’t befall them while they were trying to have sex.

Daisuke appeared in the doorway, gripping the large bottle of lube in both of his hands and shuffling his feet.

“Got it,” he said, a slight crack in his voice.

Takeru smiled in relief. At least he wasn’t the only one fretting about what they were about to do. He crooked his finger and wiggled it, beckoning Daisuke over to the bed. The redhead stumbled over to him, dropping the bottle onto the bed next to them and resuming the make-out session. Takeru lay back, pulling Daisuke onto him and arching up to lock his mouth with the other’s. Daisuke’s tongue was wet against his own, and the way they rubbed against each other made Takeru feel hot and uncomfortable in the pants region.

Daisuke stood up again to pull his shirt off, revealing the toned, tanned chest and torso that Takeru often saw in his dreams. Daisuke had the body of an athlete, lean and muscular. Takeru hated to go to the gym with him because the instant he removed his shirt, a barrage of women and men appeared, offering to spot him. He leaned down to pull Takeru’s shirt off as well, staring appreciatively at his body for a while because, while Takeru wasn’t as much into sports now as he used to be, he still had an amazing body with flawless, smooth skin.

Daisuke unbuttoned his pants, leaning down to kiss Takeru’s neck and shoulders while he unzipped them. He did the same to Takeru’s pants, but he allowed his fingers to graze the skin of his abdomen at the same time. Takeru inhaled sharply when Daisuke bit down on the side of his neck and sucked, licking the marks left by his teeth. He wrapped his arms around Daisuke’s neck and yanked him back down so that he lay heavily against him, suddenly craving the feel of his skin. In response, the redhead grabbed him by the waist and pulled him higher onto the bed, trying to adjust their positions away from the edge. Takeru obligingly slid back and to the side so that they could lie fully on the bed instead of sideways.

He stared hard into Daisuke’s eyes then, swallowing suddenly as Daisuke stared back, eyes open and honest, reflecting every feeling of apprehension, lust, and determination in their depths.

“We’re going to do this,” Daisuke assured him, voice deep and rough from arousal.

“Okay,” Takeru squeaked back.

“Do you still want to?”

He steeled his nerves, nodding sharply.

“I do.”

He was sure of that, at least.

Daisuke removed his boxers and socks, pausing to glance at his face before helping to remove his as well. Takeru folded his legs slightly, bringing them up and inwards as if to hide his erection. He blushed hotly when Daisuke lowered his face to kiss his knee, staring straight into his eyes and slipping his hand between his legs to grasp and stroke.

His legs soon fell open again as he moaned, watching as Daisuke licked a trail down his thigh and up the length of his shaft. He sucked the head into his mouth, swirling his tongue around it and smiling when Takeru dropped his head back and pulled the pillow behind his head against his mouth. He continued to suck at the head of his cock and pump the shaft with his hand, rubbing the tip of his tongue against the small opening in the tip while Takeru groaned into his pillow.

Daisuke moved his other hand to slide down the back of his thigh, pulling it up to try to get better access to his ass. Takeru tilted his hips and separated his legs. Daisuke rubbed his finger against his entrance, causing him to push his pillow away and moan softly in anticipation. The bottle of lube was still lying nearby, and Daisuke grabbed it to squeeze some out onto his fingers. Takeru pouted because Daisuke had to stop sucking on his cock in order to do so, but was soon moaning again when Daisuke’s sticky, slick fingers began pushing at his entrance as his mouth lay kisses over his stomach.

One finger pushed up into him, still not painful. The second finger followed soon afterwards, and this time Daisuke stayed away from the spot he remembered had driven Takeru wild the last time they’d tried to have sex. After pumping his fingers into Takeru for a while and seeing his reaction go from mildly uncomfortable to relaxed, Daisuke added a third finger. This time, he saw that Takeru squeezed his eyes shut, but he made sure to stretch the muscles and pull his fingers apart from each other inside of him so that he would be better prepared.

Soon, they both felt that Takeru was ready for more than just Daisuke’s fingers. Daisuke positioned himself above Takeru, keeping his hips tilted so that it would be easier to get inside of Takeru from that position. His cock slathered in lube, because he really didn’t know how much he’d need in order to make sure he wasn’t ripping Takeru apart from the inside out, he began to push into him. At first, it seemed he couldn’t actually get inside. He gave Takeru a warning before pushing harder, this time slipping in up to the middle of his shaft. His mouth dropped open and he cried out softly, squeezing his eyes shut against the vice-like grip on his cock. Takeru had cried out as well, though for different reasons, and the pillow was back over his mouth.

“You okay?” Daisuke breathed. His voice sounded like he was struggling under the weight of an extremely heavy object.

“Yeah, give me a minute,” Takeru replied in a thin, strained voice.

“No problem.” Daisuke clenched his teeth.

“Okay, keep going,” Takeru said after a while, and Daisuke sighed in relief.

He pushed the rest of the way in, and his eyes rolled back at the intense surge of heat and pleasure spiking up from his groin. It was much tighter than he’d been expecting. He hoped he’d be able to last long enough to make Takeru come as well. He decided that he would have to take it very slowly until he got used to the sensation of being gripped so tightly.

They continued to try to find the right rhythm for both of them, alternating between long, slow thrusts and hard, quick thrusts. Daisuke pulled Takeru’s legs up around his waist and kept his hands on Takeru’s hips, pulling him down as he pushed up into him and moaning when Takeru rose up on his elbows to move himself. Daisuke suddenly remembered where that spot inside of Takeru was and adjusted his position to try to find it, grinning when he thrust and Takeru cried out loud like a cat, yowling and hissing as Daisuke continued to push against it.

Finally, Takeru stretched his body back, bending in a seemingly impossible position as he arched and came hard against his and Daisuke’s stomachs with a scream of pleasure. Daisuke yelped as every muscle surrounding his cock clamped down even harder, sending him rushing into a brief but powerful orgasm.

He immediately withdrew and fell over onto the bed face first, panting against the sheets. He raised his head to stare as Takeru struggled to regain a normal breathing pattern, laying with one hand over his chest. He slid his body up as far as he could, collapsing next to Takeru and rolling forward to lay his cheek against Takeru’s shoulder.

“Good?” he asked breathlessly.

Takeru nodded slowly. “Yeah.”

“Shit, Takeru, you’re really loud.”

The blonde blushed, shoving at Daisuke’s shoulder gently and turning towards him. He felt lethargic, but with a small buzz of post-orgasm happiness. He couldn’t stop smiling.

“So that’s what sex feels like,” he said wonderingly, curling his legs up.

“I guess so,” Daisuke grinned, obviously caught in his own after-sex buzz. He summoned enough strength in his limbs to reach down and grab the blanket, yanking it over them.

“Time for a nap,” Takeru said.

“Mmm hmm,” Daisuke confirmed, wrapping an arm over Takeru’s waist and pulling him closer.

They fell asleep curled up in each other for the first time in their new home.

Sun, Jan. 20th, 2008 09:00 pm (UTC)

I love your story!^^