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Fri, Sep. 21st, 2007, 02:54 pm
nerveless: The Best-Laid Plans (Digimon, Daikeru, #18)

Title: The Best-Laid Plans
Author: Nine
Fandom: Digimon
Pairing: Daikeru (Daisuke/Takeru)
Challenge: (18) so strong thy magic or so weak am I?
Length: 2,316 words
Disclaimer: I don’t own Digimon 02 or any of the characters used in this story.
Rating: R (for swearing, partying, and more bathroom antics)

Yamato wouldn’t let Takeru not have a graduation party.

“How could you not have a party to celebrate such a momentous occasion?”

“It’s not that momentous…I mean…high school wasn’t exactly the hardest task I’ve ever had to do. The Digiworld was at least a hundred times harder.”

“You got through the whole thing without anyone finding out why a piece of your bangs was crusty and stiff. I count that as a great accomplishment.”

Takeru grasped the piece of hair in question, able to feel the sticky texture even after hours had passed after leaving the bathroom. He blushed scarlet and averted his eyes. “How did you know?”

“Well, it’s kind of hard not to notice. Plus, Taichi’s done the same thing to me a couple times. I kicked his ass for it, though.”

“Wow, I totally didn’t want to hear about your sex life, but okay,” Takeru muttered, already getting the feeling that the graduation party was going to be something to remember. His brother was notorious for throwing the most insane, wild parties around.

“I already took the liberty of inviting everyone. Since it’s your party, I’m going to have it at my place. Hikari and Daisuke will both be guests of honor since they graduated with you. There’s a couple people in town at the moment, so some of the people coming are kind of like a surprise for you.”

“Wait, hold on,” Takeru said, holding a hand up as his head spun with all of the information. “Who is ‘everyone’? Did you invite a whole bunch of people? You know how I feel about huge parties.”

“Yeah, you don’t like them or whatever. But you’ll like this one, trust me. You’ll be so drunk you won’t care how many people are there.”

Ma-aatt,” he whined. “Please, nothing too big. Promise me it won’t be too big.”

“Don’t worry, little bro. I got it covered.”

~ ~ ~ ~

It was big.

No, it was gigantic.

Whatever the number of people who could legally be allowed into the apartment according to the city fire code was, it was definitely broken a few times over.

“Wow, some party, huh?” Daisuke commented, searching the room for familiar faces and finding that he couldn’t recognize at least half of them. “How many people do you think just showed up for no reason?”

“Too many,” Takeru pouted, having decided to sulk throughout the night.

“Well, drink some more and you won’t be able to recognize anyone,” the redhead encouraged him, grabbing the bottom of his bottle and tipping it up towards his mouth. “And you won’t complain as much, either.”

“Fuck off,” he shot back, taking another gulp anyway.

Around that time, the doorbell rang. Looking around for his brother and seeing no sign of the older blonde, Takeru found that it was his duty to open the door to the new partygoers. He yanked the door open, ready to glare at the newest unrecognizable guests, but found himself enveloped in a hug instead.

“Oh my god, Takeru! It’s been so long! Congratulations!” a pink blur cried into his ear.

“Mimi?” he asked, voice already slurring just a bit. As the girl pulled back, he finally recognized the soft brown eyes and wild pink-streaked hair of the former Digidestined. “What are you doing here?”

“I came back to Japan to visit two days ago, and Matt contacted me yesterday to tell me about your graduation and the party. He asked me to come and celebrate with you guys. Sorry I couldn’t make the actual graduation.”

“No, it’s fine. ‘Kari-chan is here, too. She graduated sixth in the class,” he responded. He already felt his mood lightening, happy to see his old friend again. He watched as a blonde boy he vaguely recognized as “Michael” stepped around her and into the apartment.

“Congratulations, Takeru! I hope it’s alright if I crash your party?”

“Sure, why not? God knows enough people already have,” Takeru grumbled.

“Never mind him, Michael, he just needs more alcohol.” Daisuke grinned, ushering the pair into the party. “Can I get you anything to drink?”

The party raged on while Takeru watched in sullen silence. Daisuke stuck by his side, continually prodding the blonde and handing him drinks. They had to retreat into the bathroom once for a break from the suffocating presence of too many bodies in too small an apartment. Daisuke ignored the occasional knocks at the door and loud requests for them to evacuate the bathroom, running his hands over Takeru’s body and making the blonde feel even more suffocated than before.

“You need to have a good fucking time tonight,” he insisted, breath hot on Takeru’s neck and body pressed too close for comfort.

Takeru barely had time to protest the roaming hands on his body before one was shoved into his pants, cupping the barely-forming erection there and squeezing until it was hard against the soft palm. Takeru flushed as he moaned involuntarily, pushing his hips forward against the hand and arching his back off of the white textured wall.

“Now we’re going to go out there and have some fun,” Daisuke continued to breathe, this time into the shell of his sensitive ear. Takeru shuddered as his body reacted to the sensation. His fingers gripped Daisuke’s shirt sleeve.

A few moments later, Daisuke had Takeru bent forward over the toilet, hot forehead resting against the wall behind it as Daisuke stretched over his back, stepping onto his tiptoes as he struggled to keep his mouth level with Takeru’s ear.

“Yeah, baby, just keep breathing,” the whisper flooded his ear, impossibly hot and somehow setting off every nerve ending within any sort of distance.

The music outside was loud. For a fleeting moment Takeru wondered if his brother’s neighbors liked to call the cops on house parties, but his mind soon cleared of any thought besides the one telling him how amazing his boyfriend was at handjobs.

He cried out as his body broke under the weight of his pleasure, falling forward over the toilet as his muscles lost control. Daisuke licked a hot, wet path over the sweat beading in the hair over the back of his neck. Someone pounded a fist on the bathroom door, demanding that they exit and allow someone else to use it. Takeru rose shakily, extending his arms so that he could hover over the toilet. He glanced down at the come swimming in the toilet water underneath him, squeezing his eyes shut at the sight and flushing with the edge of his finger.

“Better?” he heard Daisuke ask from somewhere behind him.

“Much,” he replied, carefully buttoning and zipping his pants back up. He finally felt as if he was ready to enjoy the party, having just drained every anxious thought and feeling out of his mind.

~ ~ ~ ~

It didn’t take long for the party to reach its peak.

Daisuke almost stumbled over a body in the living room, glancing down at the half-naked couple making out on the carpet. He walked around Sora and Mimi, who were catching up on each other lives while playing strip poker with two very lucky teenage boys. As Matt passed by with an armful of beers and a tray of shots, he plucked one of each off of the blonde for himself, chasing his shot of whiskey down with the beer.

“Have you seen Takeru?” Daisuke asked loudly so he could be heard over the thumping party music.

Yamato grinned and pointed one finger towards the kitchen. Takeru was easily recognizable among the crowd gathered around the kitchen table. This was probably because he was dancing on top of it with Kari and Miyako. Daisuke had to laugh as he watched his boyfriend shake his hips and twirl his ex-crush in his arms while Miyako danced up against his back. He ignored the small spark of jealousy in his stomach at the sight, knowing that Takeru wasn’t at all interested in either of the girls. Actually, Daisuke doubted that Takeru would ever be interested in any girls.

He barely kept himself from jumping when a hand came down onto his shoulder and gripped it. He felt someone lean in next to his ear from behind him and heard a familiar voice say, “Outside.”

After stepping outside, Daisuke turned around and smiled at the boy sliding the door shut behind them. He looked around the perimeter of the balcony at Yamato’s bicycle and Taichi’s soccer balls, illuminated by the light of the moon.

“Want a cigarette?”


Daisuke took the offered cigarette, holding it between two fingers and inhaling as the other boy flicked his lighter open and lit it for him. He blew the smoke out at the sky, leaning back against the glass of the sliding door.

“Something wrong, Ken?”

Ken lit his own cigarette and snapped his lighter shut, stuffing it into his pocket and running the other hand through his hair in an exasperated gesture.

“She’s been flirting with random guys all night,” he grumbled at the floor.

“Didn’t you break up with her?”

“Yeah, a couple days ago. And she’s already looking for rebound fucks.”

Daisuke winced, taking another drag before responding. “That sucks, man.”

“Whatever. How are you and Takeru doing?”

He leaned back, grinning and stretching one arm over his head. “Fucking great. Things couldn’t be better.”

“Good, glad to hear it.” Except he didn’t sound like it.

“Sorry if it sounds like I’m bragging,” he said apologetically, turning to frown at his ex-best friend.

“Nah, it’s fine. Hey, we should hang out more often.”

“Yeah, definitely. You have my number. Just call me up anytime you want to do anything.”

“Sure, I will.”

The pair finished their cigarettes, stubbing them out with their feet and heading back inside. They found an even bigger (if that was even possible) gathering in the living room now. It appeared that most of the people at the party, including all of the Digidestined gathered, were involved in a very large game called I Never.

Daisuke sat next to Takeru on a red couch, squeezing in close to him in order to fit with the five other people already occupying it. It was very clear that Takeru was extremely drunk. He leaned into Daisuke, resting his head on his shoulder, and mumbled, “Where were you? I missed you. Don’t leave me again.”

Daisuke somehow understood everything he’d said over the party music and with the slurring in Takeru’s voice.

“I was just outside. I’m not gonna leave you again, I promise,” he said into his boyfriend’s ear, pressing a kiss to his temple and wrapping an arm over his shoulders. He gripped one of his shoulders to keep him from falling over on the other people sitting on the couch.

“Okay, I’ll go first,” Taichi, the obvious perpetrator of the game, announced. He had gained a plastic crown at some point during the party, and he had removed all of his clothes besides his underwear and wrapped a blanket around his shoulders to use as a robe. “I’ve never gotten my ass kicked in a fight.”

A majority of the boys in the room, including Taichi himself, Yamato, Daisuke, and Ken raised their hands to indicate that they had, indeed, gotten their asses kicked at some point in their lives. Taichi was beaming at Yamato because he knew he had been the one to kick the blonde’s ass, although Yamato had, in turn, beat Taichi’s head in numerous times before.

The person on Taichi’s right took the next turn. Most of the random partygoers were asking innocent, general questions. Sometimes some of them got a little racy at times, saying things like, “I’ve never felt sexually attracted to a teacher,” and, “I never masturbated today.” (Almost all of the boys gathered, even some who weren’t playing, raised their hands for the latter. Some of the girls, Sora and Mimi included, also raised theirs.)

When Miyako got her turn everyone who had ever known her, talked to her, or just heard about her groaned. She had a habit of asking people the most embarrassing, personal questions ever. She looked around the room, obviously enjoying the awkward silence preceding her statement and the pleading looks in the eyes of all of her friends.

She took a gulp of her drink, sighed contentedly, and declared, “I’ve never tasted my own come – and enjoyed it.”

Everyone in the room either blushed or scowled at the girl as she smugly raised her own hand. A few people tentatively raised theirs, lowering their heads to hide their faces, while the drunker people’s hands shot up proudly. Daisuke raised his at the same time as Takeru and whipped around to stare at his boyfriend in surprise. He’d always thought that sex was difficult for Takeru to enjoy thinking about unless Daisuke was prompting him to do it, and the thought of Takeru masturbating, coming, and then licking it off of his fingers was one that he’d never thought would be a reality.

It turned him on like crazy.

He stood up and dragged Takeru off of the couch with him, walking to Yamato’s bedroom. Takeru followed him, looking around hazily and asking where they were going.

“To lose our virginities.”

“What? I am not losing my virginity in my brother’s bed.”

“Yes, you are.”

“No. Besides, I’m drunk.”

“Then prepare for some serious making out.”

Daisuke sat him down on the bed and shut the door behind him, locking it with one hand. He descended onto Takeru like a blanket, pressing down in all the right places. The feel of Daisuke’s hands on the blonde’s hot, sensitized skin made him dizzy.

“Tomorrow, we’re having sex,” Daisuke whispered, licking his throat.

“Tomorrow,” Takeru agreed, closing his eyes and losing himself in the warmth and comfort of his boyfriend’s touch.