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Wed, Jul. 11th, 2007, 03:23 am
nerveless: Stress Relief (Digimon, Daikeru, #28 step inside this place and own me)

Title: Stress Relief
Author: Nine
Fandom: Digimon
Pairing: Daikeru (Daisuke/Takeru)
Challenge: (28) step inside this place and own me
Length: 2,123 words
Disclaimer: I don’t own Digimon 02 or any of the characters used in this story.
Rating: NC-17 (for indecency in a bathroom stall)

Takeru cursed, running back and forth from closet to bathroom like a madman. He pulled his black pants on while he brushed his teeth and pulled his shirt on while combing his hair. As soon as he was finished dressing, he snatched the royal blue gown from where it hung on his closet door and rushed for the front door, calling out to his parents to let them know he was leaving.

He caught Yamato in the door, who was coming back inside from a smoke break from their parents’ occasional bickering, and his brother gave him a quick hug and a thumbs up.

“Go get ‘em, tiger. We’ll head over there in a bit.”

“Okay,” Takeru called over his shoulder, yanking his car door open and practically throwing himself into the driver’s seat.

A few minutes later, his car screeched to a stop outside of the Motomiya residence. He began honking his horn until a redhead strolled out the front door to the apartment, already dressed in the school’s graduation gown. Daisuke climbed into the car, his eyebrow raised.

“Jesus, Takeru, calm the fuck down. You can stop honking the horn now, I’m already in the car.”

As soon as he shut the door again, Takeru lurched out of the parking lot and began speeding off to Odaiba High School.

“I’m supposed to be there already, remember? The Top Ten are supposed to get there earlier so that we can run through all the special crap they’re having us do.”

“Oh, aren’t you special?” Daisuke said, smirking. “You'd better hurry then. They’ll probably cancel graduation if Mr. Number Seven doesn’t show up on time. Maybe you should just leave me on the side of the road. I’m sure they won’t care if Mr. Number One-Hundred-and-Five shows up late because he walked to graduation.”

“I wasn’t trying to rub it in, Dai. I just don’t want to be late.” Takeru frowned, trying to look apologetic while he was dodging traffic.

“You won’t be late, so don’t worry about it,” Daisuke grinned, stretching his arms out over his head and sliding down in his seat.

“You’re gonna wrinkle your gown.”

“I don’t care. Let it wrinkle. I’m wearing shorts and a T-shirt underneath it, anyway.”

“Huh, figures you wouldn’t bother dressing up.”

“Why would I? No one’s gonna lift up my gown to take a peek. Well,” he broke off, turning to leer at the blonde, “unless you want to.”

Takeru laughed. “Maybe later.”

They arrived at the school grounds at 5:30 P.M. Takeru parked and began rushing to the school’s cafeteria, where all of the graduates would be gathering to line up for the procession. Daisuke hurried to keep up with him, laughing as the blonde berated himself for not putting his gown on at home.

In the cafeteria, a short, slender brunette flitted about between groups of people. Just as she finished asking another person about the whereabouts of a certain friend of hers, she saw him walking through the cafeteria doors.

“Oh, Takeru, there you are!” Hikari called out, waving to him. “You just missed the meeting with the principal about what we’re supposed to do.”

“Oh, great,” Takeru muttered sourly. “I never should have taken that afternoon nap. What did I miss?”

He and Daisuke hugged her in greeting and began looking around at all of the excited graduates in the large room.

“Not much. Basically, only the top five are going to directly participate in the events. We’re just going to sit up on the stage and look pretty until our names are called.”

“Great, I didn’t want to do anything,” Takeru smiled, sighing in relief.

“You guys must be really happy about getting to sit up on that stage,” Daisuke grumbled. “I have to wait until the principal reaches the ‘M’ names to get up out of those uncomfortable, stiff cafeteria chairs out there.”

“Yeah, I couldn’t imagine having to wait until the ‘Y’ names came up. When my brother graduated, it took forever for us to get out of there.”

“Well, I guess I had better find a bathroom so I can change into this gown,” Takeru said, looking around for the nearest bathroom.

“Uh, I’ll go with you,” Daisuke offered, following him.

Hikari smiled to herself as she watched them disappear into the hallway next to her, turning and walking towards the front of the loosely-formed line.

Takeru sighed as he tossed his gown over one of the bathroom stall doors, reaching a hand up to run through his hair as he gazed at his reflection in the mirror. He watched as Daisuke came up behind him and draped his arms over his shoulders.

“Stressed?” Daisuke murmured against his ear.

Takeru nodded, smiling at their reflection. “You could say that.”

“Want me to de-stress you?”

“I wish you could, but we’re in a school bathroom and anyone could come in. Plus, I should be heading out there to get in line. We’ll be the first ones to walk over to the stadium.”

“You have plenty of time,” Daisuke argued, sliding one hand over his chest slowly.

Takeru closed his eyes, sighing as the hand began to massage his chest. His mouth suddenly went dry when it slipped lower to knead at his stomach. He forced his eyes open, suddenly feeling lightheaded, and reached his own hand up to grip Daisuke’s wrist.

“Wait,” he muttered half-heartedly. He heard Daisuke laughing softly next to his ear, and then fell back against the body behind him when the hand slipped even lower, rubbing at his thigh.

He turned around quickly, wrapping his arms around the slightly shorter boy’s neck as he brushed his mouth over soft lips. Daisuke hummed softly in appreciation, deepening the kiss with a deft tongue. As he licked over the roof of Takeru’s mouth, he gradually began pulling the other boy closer to him while he backed away a few steps, shutting and locking the stall door with one hand. Now partially hidden by the stall, Takeru relaxed a little more into each kiss and threaded his hands into thick, dark red hair.

Daisuke found himself backed up against the wall of the bathroom stall and groaned when Takeru began pulling his blue gown up.

“What are you doing?” he asked softly.

He nearly moaned again when he saw how clouded and dark Takeru’s eyes had become. He could practically feel the lust coming off of the blonde’s body in waves of heat.

“I’m gonna suck you off,” the blonde answered huskily.

Daisuke swallowed thickly and watched as the blonde lifted the graduation gown up over his blue jean shorts. His eyes widened slightly when Takeru removed his shorts with a soft popping and zipping sound. He lifted his hands quickly and set them on the other’s shoulders, suddenly paranoid that someone could hear them and come in to investigate.

“Wha-what if someone comes in?”

“I don’t care.”


“I don’t care,” Takeru repeated, and Daisuke felt a shiver race up his spine at how low and rough his voice had just become.

“I think you have a public sex kink,” the redhead noted, laughing shakily.

Takeru responded to his statement by licking over his stomach and sucking on the area just under his navel, and then Daisuke lost his train of thought completely and threw his head back against the stall and caution to the wind.

When Takeru slipped his hands up his thighs and under his boxers, he made a whining sound in the back of his throat. When he wrapped his mouth over the tent in the front of his boxers and tongued at the erection underneath the cloth, Daisuke had to bite his hand in order to keep from crying out.

After a few more minutes of teasing him by dragging his nails over his thighs and licking at the waistline of his boxers, Takeru finally pulled the underwear down to the redhead’s ankles and gripped his cock in a loose but firm grip. Daisuke fought to keep his head up long enough to watch as he slowly disappeared into Takeru’s mouth, but each time a wave of pleasure swam up through his body he lost control of his muscles and fell back against the stall again.

“Oh, fuck,” Daisuke hissed, reaching his hands up to dig into blonde hair.

He kept rising up onto his toes as Takeru alternated between hard sucks and soft licks. Sometimes one of his legs would lift itself up as if on its own, rubbing against the side of Takeru’s kneeling body, and Takeru would have to push it back down with his free hand.

Daisuke began to sweat as the effort of forcing himself not to come yet and keeping himself on the brink of orgasm wore him down. Soon, he realized that he wasn’t going to be able to keep his pleasure at bay for much longer.

“Tak-Take, I’m gon-uh,” he attempted to warn the blonde.

Takeru responded by looking up at him in the most sensual way Daisuke had ever seen him look and humming around his cock, “Mmm hmm.”

The vibration from the humming and the look in the deep blue eyes triggered something in Daisuke’s body and the redhead found himself suddenly pushed over the threshold, squeezing his eyes shut and making sounds he was sure were only supposed to exist in the wild as his legs shook and collapsed underneath him.

Takeru quickly wrapped his arms around the redhead’s waist and pulled him against his chest as he fell back, knocking his head against the wall opposite the one they had been leaning against and ending up with his nose buried in the crook of Daisuke’s neck.

Eventually, the redhead stopped gasping for breath and slowly rose to his feet, pulling Takeru up with him.

“Sorry for falling on you,” Daisuke said sheepishly, feeling the heat of embarrassment in his face as he thought about how pathetic and needy he must have seemed when he collapsed.

“It’s okay,” Takeru laughed, brushing the rear of his pants off where he had fallen on his ass on the floor. He blinked as Daisuke’s eyes flew wide open, staring at his face. “What?”

“You got some…uh,” Daisuke trailed off, motioning to his own cheek with one finger.

Takeru frowned and unlocked the stall door, walking out and going up to check his face in the mirror. He blushed when he saw small white streaks on his cheek and the corner of his mouth.

“Hey, I got some on my neck, too,” Daisuke pointed out from his right side as he checked himself out as well. “It must have got there when I fell on you and your face landed on my neck.”

“And it must have gotten on me when you pushed me off of you while you were still coming,” Takeru grumbled, turning the faucet on to begin washing his face.

“I didn’t push you off, I fell down,” the redhead argued, wiping his neck off. He blinked as he watched the blonde freeze in the mirror. “What’s wrong?”

He turned and stared in amazement when Takeru slowly reached a hand up to his hair and began rubbing a piece of it in between his fingers.

“You…you got it in my hair,” Takeru whined.

“Aw, shit,” Daisuke responded, turning to help him lower his head and run the jizzed-on lock of hair under the faucet. “Don’t worry, no one will notice.”

“Yeah, right! One piece of my hair is going to be sticking straight out like it has gel in it!”

“No, it won’t. We can fix it.”

Unfortunately, they were only able to keep it from sticking out, but it kept its hard, clumped texture and stood out among the rest of his soft, normal hair like it had a bright red arrow sticking out of it. Eventually, they gave up on the lock of hair and Takeru pulled his graduation gown on just in time to hear their principal announce that they were going to start walking.

And so it was that they found themselves running towards their respective places in the procession line with flushed faces, slightly sweaty bodies, and in Takeru’s case, a patch of irregular hair and bright red patches of skin where he had scrubbed at the come on his face.

Hikari gave him strange looks as he hurriedly got into place behind her just as the class began to walk out the door to the stadium. He dodged all of her questions and promised an explanation for later, once they were out of earshot of their entire graduating class. Luckily, Takeru wouldn’t have to give any speeches, only being the seventh in his class, and so he was spared the public embarrassment of going up in front of the entire stadium of people looking like he just gave his boyfriend a blowjob in the boy’s bathroom.